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Startup Marketing School is a 5-week series developed to help address what was hypothesized to be a gap in NY marketing circles – a lack of strategically thinking young marketers and a growing specialization of them by places that traditionally trained them.  The program was developed by Charlie O’Donnell and Rich Ullman, and the event space has been provided by Cooley, LLP


For those interested in the background and framework for our content, click here.  


Next (& Final) Session


11/9 6:30PM

 Session 5: Measuring Success and Adapting Your Plans

How to establish measurements and KPI’s for YOUR business.
When should you know it's time to pivot?
What may be the next wave of models for NY?


Chris Kincade,  Exec Chair / Co-Founder at OpenTopic & Founder/CEO at Designbuggy



For complete notes from this session, please see Kelsey McCormick's blogpost: http://writeifyoufindwork.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/start-up-marketing-school-class-5-measuring-success-and-adapting-your-plans/



Past Sessions:


10/12 6:30PM | Session 1: So you’re planning to be the CMO someday? 

Perspectives on marketing in a start-up.  How to plan for the unplanned whether you’re bootstrapping your venture or funded to the hilt.   The format will be a panel and town hall discussion, including the views of three people who've taken different paths to the lead marketing role in successful a start-up. So what does it take? How do you prepare yourself to build a marketing machine from the ground up?


Rich Ullman, Former SVP of Marketing at Ripple6

Deena Bahri, VP of Marketing at Birchbox

Jeff Grill, VP of Marketing at Mimeo


For an overview of the session, please see Jeff Grill's blogpost: http://www.roguemarketer.typepad.com/the_rogue_marketer/2011/10/what-i-learned-at-startup-marketing-school.html#tp 


For complete notes from this session, please see Kelsey McCormick's blogpost: http://writeifyoufindwork.wordpress.com/2011/11/03/start-up-marketing-school-class-1-so-you%e2%80%99re-planning-to-be-the-cmo-someday/




10/19 6:30PM

Session 2: Developing a Brand and Positioning It to Stand Apart from the Crowd.


Creating a longstanding and successful brand takes more than a good name and a logo.   This session will include two talks on how to clarify the vision of what your business can be and the process of creating the story that surrounds it. (keywords: messaging, value proposition, publicity)


Intro:  Legal Protections for You and Your Brand

     Karen Won - Associate, Cooley LLP


Talk 1:  Creating a great brand strategy. 
     Michael Duda - Managing Partner, Consigliere Brand Capital

     Tai Foster - Senior Manager, Communications at Under Armour

Talk 2:  Public Relations and Creating Your Story. Marketer + Agent +Journalist -

     Kevin King - Senior Vice President, Horn Group

     Tami Forman - Senior Director, Global Corporate Communications at Return Path,

     Lauren Goode - The Wall Street Journal Digital Network


For complete notes from this session, please see Kelsey McCormick's blogpost: http://writeifyoufindwork.wordpress.com/2011/11/03/start-up-marketing-school-class-2-developing-a-brand-and-positioning-it-to-stand-apart-from-the-crowd/







10/26 6:30PM
Session 3: Packaging and Distributing Your Story

What are the right tools and avenues to get your message into the marketplace?  Hear two talks on the value of advertising, PR, case studies, customer testimonials and the creation of social media advocates to enhance the impact of your story.


Talk 1:  Building a plan with multiple options and channels

     Heather Freeland - VP Brand Marketing at Gilt Groupe

Talk 2:  A discussion of online/offline media options, including email, ad networks, SEO/SEM

     Jaime Romero - Vice President of Marketing at AxialMarket


For complete notes from this session, please see Kelsey McCormick's blogpost: http://writeifyoufindwork.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/start-up-marketing-school-class-3-packaging-and-distributing-your-story/







11/3 6:30PM

 Session 4: Developing a Customer Base
What’s your plan to acquire customers?  It's the difference between a business and a hobby.


Talk 1:  Customer Acquisition in a B2C company.
           Samir Balwani - Director of Acquisition Marketing, Stylecaster


Talk 2:  Lead Generation and Customer Pipelines in a B2B company.

     Elizabeth Golluscio - VP, Marketing at Smartling

Presentation: http://prezi.com/xvg1wcjcjody/the-marketing-maaze/


For complete notes from this session, please see Kelsey McCormick's blogpost: http://writeifyoufindwork.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/start-up-marketing-school-class-4-developing-a-customer-base/