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2011 nextNY fellows

Page history last edited by Mike Lewis 12 years, 9 months ago

We are very excited to announce the 2011 nextNY Fellows--an incoming class of new innovation community leaders that will be running events and structural value projects for the nextNY community.  Over 100 people applied for these positions--of which I thought we would have four participants.  I simply couldn't cut it down, so we're going to go with eight people.  These people, among other things, will receive small leadership development stipends, participate in regular private networking events with top Alley innovators, and run targeted community events throughout the year.

Stipends were made possible by the financial support of four organizations with a vested interest in talent development and innovation in NYC:  Betaworks, Square 1 Bank, EnergyHub, and Red Rover.  In addition, Kevin Prentiss, Founder of Red Rover, will be co-organizing the Fellows program with me.

Here are this year's Fellows:

alexis goldstein

Alexis Goldstein -  "I run my own software development, consulting and teaching company, aut faciam LLC. I teach classes currently through Girl Develop It and the NYC Resistor hackerspace."



James Swetnam -  "I lead an intrapreneurial academic group at NYU's School of Medicine charged with accelerating the number of new drugs coming to market through innovative software design of drug discovery informatics SaaS."


Danielle R. Banks  -  "I am currently an admin asst working in CT, but in my free time, I am learning ruby, python and other languages. I consider myself a developer-in-training."

Michael Horn
- "I'm an entrepreneur, attorney and technologist.  About a year ago I taught myself to code in Ruby on Rails and started building things.  I was a year into working on my first startup when I decided I needed more control over the early stage development process."

Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis - "For a living, I pay the bills with contract web work. The lion's share of my time is dedicated to developing and refining eventLo.com and the vision behind it."

Lindsay Kaplan

Lindsay Kaplan -  "I'm the Manager of Social at Publicis Modem USA--I am interested in the proliferation of social media and the disparity in the roles of men and women in the digital landscape."

Alexander Taub
Alexander Taub -  "I work at Aviary in Business Development. I also help other early stage companies and co-organize NYVC and the digital learning meetup in NY."


Emily Miethner -  "Social Media Marketing Coordinator at Sterling Publishing and Founder and President of NY Creative Interns."

Congratulations to all!