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Online Marketing School

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  • A 5 Session Comprehensive Course on Online Marketing 



  • 6/1, 6/17, 6/29, 7/14, 7/27 @ 6:30PM



  • AOL Ventures - 770 Broadway



  • Entry-level marketers who want to start their path to become a VP of Marketing or CMO
  • Business founders who realized that their CTO probably isn't going to do the marketing work 






Session 4:  The ad stack - July 14th, 6:30PM

  • Talk #1: The tangled ad web we weave: Networks, DSPs, Data providers, Authentication
  • Talk #2: E-mail, Leadgen & Affiliate networks 











Session 5: Marketing Metrics

  • Talk #1: Measuring the performance of my marketing engine: lifetime value, churn, engagement metrics
  • Talk #2: Conversion funnels and multivariate testing 



Past Sessions


Session 1: Integrated marketing and the customer

  • Talk #1: Integrated marketing: Scope and function of a marketing effort, how to resource it and adjust focus over lifetime of a company
  • Talk #2: Thinking about the audience--target markets, demographics, etc


Session 2:   Search - June 17th, 6:30PM

  • Talk #1: Search marketing: Setting up and monitoring a keyword campaign
  • Talk #2: Search engine optimization



Session 3: June 29, 2010, 6:30PM:  Brand building

  • Talk #1: Recipe for a brand: Core value props, Messaging, Visuals
  • Talk #2: Public Relations: Goal setting and properly resourcing a PR effort