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Product Manager School

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  • Five in depth, deep dive sessions on Product Management
  • Two 30 min talks followed by 15-20 minutes of interactive Q&A from experienced professionals 



  • 3/24/10 



  • NYU/Poly Incubator 160 Varick St., NY, NY



  • 60 up and coming product management professionals - Please have less than 5 years of product management experience and spend more than 50% of your time on product.
  • One PM per company 



  • If you RSVP to a session, and attend, you will get advanced access to the next session.  If you RSVP to a session, and do not attend, you will automatically lose a spot in the next session.  (ie, if you RSVP, attend)








Session 1 - Overview 3/24: 

  • Talk 1: Emily Hickey - Understanding the responsibilities and limitations of a product manager: What are you supposed to own?
    • Emily Hickey is currently the CMO of Tracked, where she also works with the product team.  She spent nearly 5 years at HotJobs, rising to VP of Product Management and was COO at Photoshelter after that--giving her a multi-faceted perspective on how product management fits within the greater organization.  


  • Tark 2: Dave Whittemore- Good product management vs bad product management, and customer centric vs. market centric
    • Dave Whittemore is a Senior Product Manager at On Deck Capital.  He was also a Product Manager at Monitor 110.  


Session 2 - New Product Development - 4/7:  

  • Talk 1: Roadmapping: Scoping out requirements and priorities, minimum viable product. Limiting what you're building and when to fill in the gaps.


  • Talk 2: Wireframes, specs, project management and brainstorming tools


Session 3 - In mid-stride - 4/21:  

  • Talk 1: Building a product focused culture: Taking over PM for existing products and being a PM when there wasn't one before 
    • Michael Karnjanaprakorn - Product Lead, Hot Potato


  • Talk 2: New features vs better features: how to balance improving what you have versus adding more
    • Kristin McClement - Director of Product Management at Peek 


Session 4 - Analytics - 5/5 at 6:30PM:

  • Talk 1: Collecting data from users - interviewing, listening labs, customer development


  • Talk 2: Stats, funnels, graphs, A/B tests: What numbers should I pay attention to and how?
    • Lauren Sperber, Outside.in


Session 5 - Users and Money:

  • Talk 1:  How to conduct a listening lab
    • Mark Hurst, Creative Good


  • Talk 2:  Product management when driving revenue is the goal: turning users into dollars
    • Chad Allen, TheLadders





Product Manager School Pt.1 from Rose Tech on Vimeo.

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Product Manager School Pt.5 from Rose Tech on Vimeo.

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