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Page history last edited by @epc 15 years, 9 months ago

Date: Tuesday, 02/06/07

Time: Begins at 8:30pm

Location: Bua, 122 St. Marks Place, New York NY 10009. Between 1st Ave & Ave A

Please add your name to the list if you are attending. Thank you!


Yes, I will be attending:


  1. Sandy Ip
  2. Paul Dix
  3. Jonah Keegan
  4. Ken Rossi
  5. Lee Semel
  6. John Hui
  7. David Chen
  8. Mark Crofton
  9. Mica Scalin
  10. Chris McAleenan
  11. Eric Friedman
  12. Kate Zimmermann
  13. Erin Wilson
  14. Nate Westheimer
  15. Karen Xie
  16. Ben Stein
  17. Ed Costello
  18. Dave Evans
  19. Lee Semel
  20. Aleks Jakulin
  21. Michael Galpert
  22. Vladimir Kuperman
  23. Jeffrey Arnold
  24. Greg Galant
  25. Matthew Myers
  26. Chris Conley




  1. Caroline McCarthy (Will likely be there on the later end)
  2. Jim Moran
  3. Vinicius Vacanti
  4. Shreyas Pandit
  5. Michael Venzke
  6. Hiren Patel (If I don't leave early for the Brave New Web conference, I'd love to come!)
  7. Lena West (I have a workshop on 29th St. If I'm not fried afterward, I'll stop by around 9:30)
  8. Andrea Lewis (I hope to make it, but not certain of my evening schedule)
  9. Anthony Casalena
  10. Philip James (will be there later)
  11. [:http://www.joshguttman.com|Josh Guttman] (will try but longshot)
  12. Sara Holoubek
  13. Ted Booth
  14. Michael Cichowski (looks doubtful, but will try)
  15. Jason White (hope to make it)