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Technology for CEOs


A lecture and follow-up discussion on concepts and tools for non technical startup roles working in a technology-based venture. Provide better understanding of how to plan and run a business that depends on working with developers and proprietary or customized technology.


This talk will focus on the conceptual foundation needed to successfully communicate with technical people, and have greater control and understanding of the technology used in your business.


To maximize benefit for all involved, attendees should have leadership roles that demand communication with technical personnel. The presentation is geared towards web startup CEOs.




  1. Elements of a web-based platform
  2. Databases and data management
  3. Scalability
  4. Redundancy and Stability
  5. Plans and Specifications
  6. Recruiting




Tuesday, November 20 @ 6PM



450 West 33rd St (at 10th Ave)


This event is limited to 30 persons. If you CANNOT make the new date and time, please remove your name below so someone else can take your place. Sorry about the change!


Please list your name and role.


  1. Eran Hammer-Lahav - Presenter
  2. Laurent Kretz
  3. Shehzad Daredia
  4. Wayne Mulligan
  5. Mark Wallace, CEO
  6. Judah Milunsky
  7. Matt Singer
  8. Matt Minoff
  9. Mike Silverman
  10. Jonah Keegan - Co-Founder
  11. Athan Stephanopoulos, CEO
  12. Bill Bocra, Co-Founder
  13. Will Cole - Co-Founder
  14. Peter Chislett - Entrepreneur
  15. Jack Sutter, CEO
  16. John Hui
  17. Karen Xie
  18. Ivy Kong
  19. Suzanne Ogunsanya, CEO
  20. David Chen
  21. Nicole Tecco, consultant
  22. Mara Opperman, CEO and co-founder
  23. Josh Opperman, Chairman and founder
  24. Neal Shapiro, CEO, Thirteen/WNET
  25. Dan Goldman (host)
  26. Lee Semel
  27. Ross Cohen, Co-Founder & COO -
  28. David Reinke - Founder


Waiting list ?


  1. Tony Bacigalupo - Might be in this position in the near future
  2. Andy K
  3. Vinicius Vacanti - Co-Founder