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Jumpstarting Sales in Your Start-up


You've got a great idea.  You know how to implement it.  You may even know how to get the message out and tell people how great it is.... But... how do you get people to sign on the dotted line.  How do you convert someone who just likes your product into someone that PAYS for your product.


Mark LaRosa and Jeff Stewart will be talking about their experience in getting sales going in their various start-ups and provide advice to you to help you get sales going.


This discussion will be interactive, so bring whatever questions you have, and Jeff and Mark will answer them.



Who Should Attend?

  • CEO / Founders of start-ups that have or will soon have a sellable product
  • Salespeople / sales managers of start-ups
  • Investors



        February 19, 2009

        Time:  6:30 PM

        Location:  Pillsbury Winthrop

                        1540 Broadway



Topics to be discussed

  • How do I get sales started?  How do I determine who to sell to?
  • Do I need "sales" or do I need "marketing"
  • What is Inside Sales / Outside Sales and hunters vs farmers
  • Basics of compensation plans
  • What is the profile of a salesperson I should hire?  Blue Jeans or Grey Hair
  • Total Cost Expectations (Travel / entertainment / etc)
  • What should I expect from my salesperson?  Closing? cold-calling, etc
  • Should I use a Lead Generation firm?
  • Business Development vs Sales


Panelists (Clic



 Register HERE (seating is limited)