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MatchupCamp — matchmaking for startups - is all about startup networking, creating a place for ideas and talent to meet. There are many events matching professional services to startups - this one will focus on those looking to get their hands dirty and build something new. MatchupCamp has the sole objective of bringing together people looking to start, expand, or join a startup in New York (and the tri–state area).


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Who is it for?


MatchupCamp is for those looking for others to work together building exciting ventures in New York. There is no requirement for full time commitment — anyone who wants to take part is welcomed, even if they only have a few hours a week. The important thing is that you are interested in taking part. If you got ideas or skills, come find others to share them with:


  • People with ideas looking for others to develop it into a real product
  • Anyone with some free time thinking about jumping into the startup world looking to see what’s out there
  • Developers looking for cool part–time or full–time projects
  • Startup founders looking for employees or co–founders
  • Students looking for internships


There are many opportunities for large companies and vendors to recruit people and market their services, but this is not one of them. We are trying to create a different kind of event that is all about coming together and build something useful, from co–founders to full time employees, to a night-time hobby venture. So please, only come if you are representing yourself and only yourself and you’d like to explore the idea of joining a startup or are looking for people to help you with yours.


MatchupCamp is for those looking to be part of a startup, not just help from the outside.


How does it work?


MatchupCamp has no structure. It is an open-space networking event where everyone you meet is a potential match for your talent or idea. We will have some tools to help make it more productive:


  • Color-coded nametags - when you come in, you will pick a nametag with a category and color on it. The category and color will help others know from across the room what you have to offer. If you want, feel free to overlap more than one sticker to include multiple categories, or write your own.
    • Idea / Orange
    • Startup / Blue
    • Technology / Red
    • Business / Green
    • PR & Marketing / Purple
    • Your Category / Yellow


  • Demo space - the space has both standing and sitting areas. If you have a demo or an idea that can benefit from visuals feel free to bring a laptop with you. We will have Wi-Fi and tables. Keep in mind MatchupCamp does not have presentations but you are invited to show individuals your stuff. Just make sure to walk around too and meet other people.


  • Pitch wall - bring with you a letter-size poster with your idea, startup, or anything you are looking for. We will hang these on columns throughout the space (you can bring a couple of copies if you want) which will help others know who is there and what they are about. You should make it attractive with some color, graphics, or whatever you want. It is recommended to leave some white space where others can write their contact information in case they cannot find you or don‚Äôt get to talk to you. Before you go home, pickup your posters and email the people who expressed interest. Here is one example



When / Where?


The first MatchupCamp was November 28th.


MatchupCamp II is scheduled for December 8, 2009.