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July 26th@Bar 13

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Bar 13




Join us on the rooftop at Bar 13 on 13th Street and University Place for fun, folksonomy, and Flickr photos.


Who's stopping by?


1. Charlie O'Donnell, Oddcast

2. Bradley Twohig, Insight Venture Partners

4. David Parmet, Marketing Begins At Home

5. Mark Crofton, SAP AG

6. Eric Stephens, BuildV1

7. Naveen Selvadurai

8. Representing the women - Marti Grimminck, CheckPointBlack

9. Tony Grimminck, CheckPointBlack

10. Eric Nehrlich

11. Keshava Dasarathy

12. Paul Skirbe, Impart Media Group

13. Anthony Casalena, Squarespace

14. Alan Kelley

15. Ed Costello

16. Otis Gospodnetic, Simpy

17. Josh Green, Panjiva

18. Ken Rossi, Liquid Orb Media

19. Christopher Tse, Civil Engines

20. David Evans, Civil Engines

21. Paolo de Dios, Civil Engines

22. Warren Lee

23. Mica Scalin, The Pan - bringing my tap shoes this time, anyone have a harmonica? c'mon, let's put the 'folk' in folksonomy!

24. Jeff Steeves, Prism Venture Partners

25. Sandy Ip

26. Courtney Pulitzer,

27. Avinash Karnani

28. Philip Cotty

29. David Chen

30. Mark Rothbaum College Toolkit

31. Durjoy (Ace) Bhattacharjya, United States Tennis Association

32. Sean Bohan, Seanbohan.com

33. Laurent Kretz, SubMate.com

34. Tobias Peggs, corporate athlete

35. Sarah Tavel, Bessemer Venture Partners

36. Kevin Hawkins, New guy at Oddcast

37. Bill Seitz LivingIndependently/QuietCare

38. Matthew Mahoney, Socialtext

39. Alex Shapiro, TouchGraph

40 Howard Greenstein,Blogger at Howardgreenstein.com