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Internet Week Softball: Founders vs. the World





The invite code to this wiki is nextNY.




Friday, June 6, 2008 - Arrive 6:15PM to get in the starting lineup. 6:30PM First pitch!





Central Park - Hecksher Field #2


Enter at W65th and CPW, or at Columbus Circle. Fields are just about where 63rd and 7th would be if there was no park. Field 2 is the SE field.





  1. Charlie O'Donnell, Co-Founder, Path 101
  2. Alex Lines, Co-Founder, Path 101
  3. Josh Stylman, Co-Founder, Reprise Media
  4. Peter Hershberg, Co-Founder, Reprise Media
  5. Neal Shenoy, Co-Founder, Sportsvite
  6. Nate Westheimer, Founder, BricaBox
  7. Tim Marman, Co-Founder, Notch.es
  8. David Rose, Founder, Angelsoft
  9. Jeff Stewart, Founder, Urgent Career
  10. Joel Kendall, Founder, Chictini
  11. Christine Lemke, Co-Founder, Sense Networks
  12. Ben Kartzman, Founder, Spongecell
  13. Joseph Rivera, Founder, BAILA Society
  14. Jeremy Stein, Founder, Perogo
  15. Kareem Kouddous, Founder, beYOU.tv
  16. Mark Rothbaum, Founder, Student Loan Toolkit



The World


  1. Brian Litvack
  2. Kasmore Rhedrick
  3. Dan Frommer
  4. Ben Bloom
  5. David Holland
  6. Tony Meehan
  7. Karen Lee
  8. Stefanie Henning
  9. Tom Limongello
  10. Sanford Dickert, non-Founder
  11. John Heywood
  12. Sarah Tavel
  13. Boris Bulayev
  14. Jason Yeh
  15. (Empty)
  16. (Empty)
  17. (Empty)