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Google Open House

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Google nextNY "Open House".


Thanks Google for a great event! Thank you's from nextNY



*Event Details:*


Date: June 28, 2006 (Wednesday)


Time: 6-8pm Please arrive at 5:45 PM for check-in.


Location: 1440 Broadway, 16th Floor Tech Talk



Representatives from Engineering, Sales, Product Management, and a recently acquired NYC-area startup will be hosting nextNY members on June 28, 2006 @ 6PM at their New York office. Overviews of each area will be given by senior members of each group, putting each function, as well as their New York presence in particular, into the context of how the larger Google organization works. Participants will include: Marcus Mitchell, Engineering Director, David Eun, Vice President of Content Partnerships, Dominic Preuss, Product Manager, Tom Thai, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Dennis Crowley, ITP alum and Creator of Dodgeball, acquired by Google in 2005.


Afterwards, please join us for a post meeting drink and more casual conversation at Stitch on 37th Street between 7th and 8th.


This should be a great opportunity to learn about the New York presence of the most watched company in the tech world, and hopefully a great way to introduce the up and coming members of the NYC tech community to Google. We're encouraging our peer group within Google to join us, if not for the presentations than for the bar gathering after to help promote a tighter, more co nnected NYC tech community.


"Blogpost about the NY Office": http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2005/04/its-wonderful-town.html


"What's it like to work at Google NY?": http://www.google.com/support/jobs/bin/static.py?page=why-ny-ny.html


Google Job Openings from Indeed.com


*Attendees from nextNY*


1. Charlie O'Donnell, Analyst, Union Square Ventures

2. Jason L. Baptiste, CEO, Viral Ventures- parent company of [www.uGather.com|uGather.com]

3. Gabe Morris, Yabla

4. Anjali Arora, "FoundIt" : http://www.artbrush.net

5. Eric Stephens, Analyst, Creative Good

6. Paul Skirbe, Account Executive, Impart

7. Rishabh Misra

8. Naveen Selvadurai

9. Laurent Kretz, SubMate.com

10. Chris Lopinto, Partner, ExpertFlyer.com


12. Rishi Khanna

13. David Chen

14. Karon Greene

15. Kevin Cao

16. Jimmy Wan

17. Lillian Lee

18. Dan Borok

19. Lee Semel

20. Noel Hidalgo, nonecknoel

21. Scott Trudeau, sstrudeau.com pando

22. Ben Bloom

23. jonathan berger

24. John Hui

25. Karen Xie

26. Shawn Liu, Iridesco

27. Laura Garcia-Barrio

28. Sean Johnson

29. Mark Rothbaum, College Toolkit

30. Samara Finn

31. Josh Shabtai

32. Taylor Bux

33. Christian Busch

34. David Manaster, ERE Media

35. Otis Gospodnetic, Simpy

35. David Birnbaum, ERE Media

36. Hesky Kutscher

37. Justin Kulla, MIT Sloan MBA candidate

38. Danny Wen, Iridesco

39. Seth Besmertnik, CEO, LinkExperts

40. Erik Hansen

41. Ken Berger

42. Scott Kendall Investor

43. Nathan Folkman

44. Todd Levy

45. Peter Van Dijck

46. Thomas Stewart

47. Howard Greenstein

48. Scott Kidder

49. Sally Hermanto

50. Limor Garcia

51. John Li

52. Neil Capel

53. Adam Quirk, ThePAN.org

53. Mica Scalin, ThePAN.org

54. Chris Larsen, daylo

55. Niki Scevak, Homethinking

56. Gadge Brown

57. Brian Litvack

58. Matt Dilmaghani

59. Michael Cichowski

60. Dimitri Stancioff

61. Ed Costello, Artific Industries

62. Rob Marano, Falkin Systems LLC

63. Keshava Dasarathy

64. Matthew Williams

65. Param Singh, 212MEDIA

66. Tobias Peggs

67. Vin Bhat, Sportsvite.com

69. Dan Kantor Streampad

70. Tod Gillespie, daylo

71. Enmi Kendall

72. Vivian Li

73. Rachel Masters

74. Amit Gupta Photojojo

75. Frank Mruk

76. Gil Hildebrand Jr, Squidoo

77. Jason Olim

78. Howard Yeh, VantagePoint Venture Partners

79. Tammy Hepps, New York Times Digital

80. Avinash Karnani, Loudwater Capital


82. Zach Klein Connected Ventures

83. Amir Cohen Connected Ventures

84. Andrew Pile Connected Ventures

85. Stuart Ginsberg Clickandbuy.com

86. Eli Entin Clickandbuy.com

87. Warren Lee

88. Mike Levin, Connors Communications and HitTail

89. Bruce Colwin Transparensee Systems

90. Roger Resnicoff, Media Relations Supervisor, Manning Selvage & Lee

91. Eric Monsowitz

92. Vivekananda Ponnaiyan

93. Maritza Lie

94. Marc Ibanez

95. Nicole O'Malley

96. Philip Cotty

97. Lisa Kamm

98. Steve Cordova YouAreTV

99. David Dundas YouAreTV\n100. Michael Connolly




Wait List



Nag Pachava

Shradha Budhiraja

Annette Kramer

Luke Crawford, Joyent Inc

Ambar Shrivastava