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What's cafeSlamming?


When a bunch of untethered folks pick a cafe around town to converge on and take over. Requirements are that the cafe have free wifi (or at least wifi access dependent on a reasonable purchase), and fit enough of us to make it fun. When you're trying to organize a cafe slam, post up to the nextNY list and remind them to check out this wiki page for info and to sign up.

See you around!


Friday, March 9, 2007, 1 - 6pm

ini ani on Stanton btw Orchard & Ludlow

  1. Nate Westheimer
  2. Caroline McCarthy
  3. Thomas Maloney (cool idea)
  4. Nigel Snoad
  5. Kyle Bragger
  6. Peter Verkooijen (what time?)



  1. Howard Greenstein wishes he could attend, but will be doing his part for the co-working/CB vision in Vegas at http://socialmediaclub.pbwiki.com/Social%20Media%20Clubhouse
  2. Sarah Tavel regrets not being able to attend. Alas, working in Larchmont preempts weekday cafeSlamming.
  3. Avishai Weiss wishes he could come by, but has a day job. Cool idea, though!
  4. Tracy Sheridan hates that she had to pull out, due to afternoon meetings on the UWS. Consider her in (on the conversation, movement, suporting team), and there for the next gathering.
  5. Vishy Venugopalan couldn't make it because he learned about the cafeSlam on Saturday. Returning from the West Coast after a business trip Friday night didn't exactly help either. He'd like to attend future gatherings, which he hopes will be held on nights or weekends because regretfully, unlike Hermione Granger, he does not have a Time Turner ™