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All of these feeds in an OPML file: http://www.nextny.org/attachment/asset/21892/nextny.opml or http://artific.com/library/nextny/nextny.opml (static URL) Last updated: 1 June 2007. You can import this OPML file into Bloglines or Google Reader or other feed readers.


This list is alphabetical by last name.


  • Sean Ammirati - *Profitable Signals* - Feed Officially, my thoughts on media & software. Unofficially, an opportunity for me to experiment with a blog & participate in the conversation.


Thoughts on search engine marketing, emerging media, and other trends related to marketing and business



My personal blog; mostly my thoughts on online journalism. (I've moved up to Boston since NextNY got off the ground, but I'm still on the list. Charlie's post on NY blogs shamed me into putting this up here.)


Semi-frequently updated. Mostly thoughts on my experiences from running Squarespace.


A blog about my random thoughts around technology, startups, the internet and anything else I can think.


Originally a personal blog on life in New York now very much a reflection of my work at *www.Cognation.net* helping technology companies "just getting it done".



Musings on software and other such life and death matters as viewed from my office in Manhattan's West Village


My regretably infrequent musings on technology, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and anything else that captures my brain for a while.


Mostly about programming (specifically Ruby) and any of the tech events I attend.


  • Nathan Freitas - People with Ideas - the Cruxy Blog! - Feed thoughts on digital media distribution, the revolution in the entertainment industry, music and film in virtual worlds, artist spotlights, brooklyn living, and more.


Podcast on entrepreneurship


All things Simpy, social bookmarking, tagging, search, and other related technical stuff.



My new blog covering my random musings - mainly culture, psychology, technology - we'll see where it goes.


  • Eran Hammer-Lahav - *Hueniverse* - Feed - Microblogging ideas, technologies, and application development.


  • Darren Herman - *Hermans Head* - Feed A blog about media, advertising, technology and entrepreneurship. May find some off-topic posts, but they just add to the flavor.


  • Sam Huleatt - *Leveraging Ideas* - Feed Leveraging Ideas is all about making ideas realities. Topics covered: Social Media, Innovation, CSR, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise 2.0, and Marketing.



Sharing my start up ideas as I try and figure out if any should be more than just an idea.


Recruiting, recruiting & more recruiting. Also my take on running a bootstrapped niche media company in NYC.


A mixture of site news about Wordie.org and items about words, language, and things lexicographic.


Former geek, entrepreneur, dot-bomber, stock broker and student...now I'm just a recent college grad, strapped with debt and working on a new start up in the city that never sweeps.


Thoughts on topics ranging from management to community to conversation, with forays into book reviews and philosophical tangents.


A blog about being a user of web services, an investment analyst for a VC firm that invests in web services, an attempt at getting as a many web services into my sidebar as possible... oh and about the Mets, softball, and kayaking, too.


A blog about tech, VC, music, and other ponderings



A blog about our product Civil Netizen, Internet trends, and random business and personal musings.


My personal blog consisting mostly of videos I make, and occasionally thoughts about net video and my work in the field.


A blog about search, direct marketing, lead generation and running a startup through my skewed, scratched and cynical lens.


I have been filling this blog with video for the past 2 years. It is very much a sketchpad to help me organize my ideas and generate new projects. Interests: collaborative storytelling, database cinema, karaoke


A Silicon Alley's thoughts on entrepreneurship, the Internet, and New York City.


A blog for culture and technology, as well as various musical and video adventures.




  • Matt Semel, Lee Semel, Chris Chang - * 10ton.tv * Feed - A blog dedicated to the emerging field of commercial online video. Created by 10ton, an online video production company in New York.




Think of this blog as nextNY meets probably-not-techy "movers and shakers" meets outsiders meets here's a bunch of stuff we hear about or do and are willing to filter for you.


I blog about social innovation in business, public policy, and technology.


IndieHQ is a forum for artists, record labels and everyone else who is interested in independent music.


A blog about getting what you want (and what happens when you don't).  Topics include: leadership/workplace development, personal relationships, fashion/music/tech obsessions.


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