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Blog Policy

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We trust everyone to follow this policy. If a number of people feel you violated it, the post is removed.





  1. Editorial Direction
  • Profile the leaders in tech, business and financing (VC) in the NYC startup community.
  • Provide resources (legal, real estate/incubators, finance, professional mentors, social) for the community AND people interested in joining the NYC startup community.
  • Promote the businesses, deals and rock-stars (aka "thought leaders") of the NYC startup community. Also promote community EVENTS.


  1. Keywords and phrases to keep in mind
  • NYC Tech
  • NYC Event
  • NYC Startup
  • NYC New Media
  • General Tech
  • Startup


  1. Guidelines
  • Don't post about your own company
  • Stay positive... No ripping on other companies, cities, etc.



Every post should have the author's sig appended, that links to a profile on the nextNY blog.


Here is a signature suggestion:

Homer J. Simpson is President and a founder of R/G Donuts, Inc. He is the author of the widely-referenced book The Elements of the Donut Experience. Homers's other essays include The Nine Pillars of Successful Donut Eating and Six Donut Lessons From the Donut Store.


Contact at homer@rgdonuts.com or view more articles at